Hyundai’s Kitchen Nano Garden

For all you vegetarians, locavores, and frustrated city-dwelling would be gardeners out there, does Hyundai have a product for you! (I would say “for Us”, but my apartment is so small I hardly have room for a potted plant, let alone this AMAZING advance in home-scaled hydroponic agriculture.) Hyundai & Korean design firm Gromo teamed up to create the Kitchen Nano Garden – Bronze medal winner of the 2010 FastCompany design awards.

Hyundai’s Kitchen Nano Garden

The Nano Garden resembles a refrigerator and makes home gardening for the land deprived set easy by using the latest in hydroponic technology.  Hyundai’s Kitchen Nano Garden lets you grow fresh organic herbs, vegetables, and flowers right in your kitchen, and taking up no more space than a full-sized  refrigerator. (Again, NYC apartment dwellers, this may not be for us, but the rest of you rejoice!) Because it’s inside with controllable light, water and nutrient supplies, it lets you grow organically, sans fertilizers and pesticides, and the plants would act as a natural air purifier.  Also, you won’t be subject to the whims of weather and seasons. In you kitchen it’s always peak growing season!

Garden In Your Kitchen

Another nice thing about the Kitchen Nano Garden is that, nlike with other Nano Kitchen Gardens, including the Urb Garden by Xavier Calluaud – a brilliant design in it’s own way that has an integrated worm composting system, the sliding shelves on Hyundai’s Kitchen Nano Garden are big enough to let you grow salad greens & edible flowers in addition to herbs.

Hyundai’s Kitchen Nano Garden-3

This is the best of both worlds, good food and brilliant modern design, all in one! Nothing is out yet on the when it would hit the stores, but when it does, I really want one!

Enjoy! Marsya~


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