This app makes meditation easy

Those who have experienced the wonders of energy healing and chakra balancing will know that there’s nothing quite like it. If you’d like to learn how to help your friends and family experience having their chakras balanced right from the comfort of your home, you can actually use your phone as a tool.

The U.S. self-improvement market is worth $10.5 billion annually, and mobile app developers have been quick to notice this niche. As Gaming Realms, operators of Pocket Fruity, have noted, “Growth in mobile internet is one of the most powerful trends in the internet landscape and the global smartphone and tablet installed base is expected to exceed the PC installed base during 2013″. This has led to apps for every use imaginable, including chakra balancing.

Meditation Oasis’ Chakra Balancing and Energy Healing App is one of the many apps for those who practice chakra balancing, but it is unique in that it’s able to teach you basics of the practice in simple terms. It has everything you could ever need in order to learn how to sense energy, activate this energy, and give hands-on, full-body chakra balancing to yourself or any other recipient.

The app is also voice-guided, so there’s no need to distract yourself with scrolling with your fingers. It even has instructions to help you meditate and find your center, so as to make your chakra balancing all the more effective. All the information you could ever need is also present in the app, including a chart of chakra locations, photographs of hand positions, and written material should you need to do further reading on the practice of chakra balancing and energy healing with your hands.

Beautiful, relaxing music also accompanies this app, so it’s a wonderful experience when you try to balance your own chakras or perform energy healing on yourself. For more information on the app and other services offered by Meditation Oasis, visit their website.

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